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Collins Lake Ranch is seeking a creative individual skilled in the technical art of small office information technology administration including smart wifi network appliance installation configuration and maintenance, computer and peripherals administration, G Suite use and administration, WiX web site development and management, and Apple products use and administration.


We also hope this creative individual enjoys digital video/photography recording and processing for web publication, original digital music composition and processing for use as video soundtracks as well as voiceover recording and editing for videos and many more techie-centric kinds of creative endeavors.

"Whoa!" you say, "That's a hefty renaissance-man job description!"

Indeed it is and we understand there aren't many people with such a varied creative skill set, so we're going to be flexible in these requirements for candidates capable of demonstrating to us that they can learn to do just about any of them through concerted study, practice and practical application of learned material.


We use Imagination

We use Music


We use Craft

We use Skill


Creative IT Services


Show Us

Show Us Your Stuff

One of our prized digital assets is our public-facing web site at It presents our organizational mission in rich text and imagery. This web site was constructed using the web site creation app and its built-in site editor.

We would like to see what you can create from your own imagination utilizing your innate skills to learn and apply what you learn in a practical fashion. is free for anyone to use to create a web site, so it won't cost you anything aside from your cost for internet access.

"What?" you ask, "You want to me to create something new?"

Yes we do. It's the best way for us to see what you are capable of when leveraging both your creative and technical skills, and if you are unfamiliar with the web site creation web application, it will demonstrate your ability to learn something new and apply that learning to create product.


Get Busy

Create An Amazing Web Site

First, visit our web site to learn about our mission, services we provide and a lot of other informative stuff going on at Collins Lake Ranch. Everything you need to know about us is there for viewing at your convenience. Visit the web site as many times as you want so you can understand who we are, what we do and how we go about doing it.


You don't have to create anything closely resembling the web site. In fact, we want to see what your own originality brings out in your creative work.

"Are you kidding me?" you ask, "You  don't care what I create?"

Yes we do care and we will only view original, tasteful web site submissions. No profanity. No vulgarity. No pornography. No hate. No negativity. No plagiarism. Keep it clean and positive. Keep it original. This creative piece of work is key to our decision making process to fill the Creative IT Services position at Collins Lake Ranch.

WiX allows you to work on your web site for free as long as you require to get it just right, so don't rush your submission to us out of haste. Take time to create something compelling and captivating then send the URL for us to view it when you have it ready.


Don't spend money purchasing a premier WiX account and domain name to publish your web site to. Just send us the URL to the free non-premier web site. We'll gladly ignore the WiX logos while looking over your creation.


Send the URL of your web site in an email to, tell us all about it and include any related thoughts you wish to share when you send the email.


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