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Originally posted July 8, 2014 by Glen

The month of May was busy for us, with one significant development after another. The local community is also more active during summer time. From jelly-making to weaving, all of our residents are learning more about this wonderful area during our first summer here in the Mora valley.

The picnic with People First was fun and successful. The whole self-advocacy group seemed to have a good time and we look forward to hosting more of their meetings, as well as those of other groups. They gave an informative presentation on voting, and the importance of exercising one’s rights.

The flowers are blooming and everything is moving along nicely at Collins Lake Ranch. Our fourth resident moved in at the end of May, and he is a pleasant addition to our team. We also hired a few more service professionals to work with our residents.

We’ve built standing beds for our gardening adventures, and each resident has a planter of their own to care for and harvest when the time comes. We also planted corn, beans and squash – with some thoughtful discussion about the heritage of these plants and why they grow so well together.

The more we learn about each other and explore this beautiful area, the more we all have to share. This brings a better quality of life for everyone connected to Collins Lake Ranch.


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