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Summer 2018

We've come to the close of another wonderful summer at Collins Lake Ranch. We had the mountain friends Camp join us for the entire month of July, holding two separate sessions and enjoying the upgraded Campground facilities.

At the beginning of July we hosted the Mora Mountain Mama's for an ice cream social at Collins Lake. We have also hosted a bingo fundraiser for the Special Olympics which saw a huge crowd fill up our Activity Center.

Steve has his dessert at the Ice Cream Social and Community gathering with Mora Mountain Mamas and friends.

This summer has also seen an art therapy Program for the residents, hosted by Delores Whittaker, supporting a different modality of communication and self expression. 

We have also benefited from informal Equine Therapy with wonderful volunteers Mike

and Barbara, who have done a lot of work engaging the residents and campers in how to better understand horses.


We are now beginning to harvest the garden and everyone is enjoying tomatoes and all of the flowers in bloom. We've also begun gathering wood for the winter and are anticipating the autumn to come. 


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