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Arts, Plantings & Campings

With May has come Spring winds and flowers. We have hosted our first Art therapy session for the residents and it was a big success for everyone involved. We are grateful to Delores Whittaker for volunteering her time to conduct this uncomplicated session which brought the participants feelings out and helped make them visible. This gave everyone involved a chance to reflect on their own strengths and to provide feedback to other participants on the strengths they see in others. We are eager to make art therapy part of the services at Collins lake Ranch and plan to be holding sessions monthly.

We are also planting our gardens, a little bit late, and the tomatoes are growing strong thanks to a donation from Payne's nursery in Santa Fe, and the efforts of dedicated staff. We are looking for opportunities to partner with other local gardeners to share more of this experience and more of the veggies.

The Ranch is preparing for the arrival of Mountain Friends Camp in July. They will be using the Yurts and campground area which has developed over the year to include a third yurt and an outdoor cooking and dining area. This will be the second year we host this wonderful camp program and we are hoping for more camp participants from the local area. The first session is full, but the second session still has a few openings. There is also room for additional Counselor in Training positions at this time. Everything is shaping up to be a great Summer at Collins Lake Ranch.


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