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Summer of 2015 is well begun for Collins Lake Ranch. We have expanded our gardening program and are planting cover crops for a field where we plan on expanding next year. We have more animals in our care, including chickens, alpaca, ducks, and an orphaned turkey; along with our ranch dogs and barn cats. Our residents and program participants are enthusiastic about learning to care for this small menagerie.

There are some other ways we engage to improve quality of life.

We have also developed our community relationships.

  • We are eager for the Mora Valley Farmers Market this summer.

  • Working with Tapetas de Lana, we are selling muffins and cookies baked here at the Ranch.

  • We hosted the Mora Chamber of Commerce for dinner at the end of June and looking forward to supporting the community of Mora in a variety of ways.

  • We plan to host a picnic for the Mora Senior Citizen center in July.

We are also looking forward to new residents moving to the Ranch in the near future.


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