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Collins Lake Ranch is enjoying the Winter in this beautiful Northern New Mexico valley. Everything tends to slow down while there is snow on the ground, so we have adjusted to the season with more indoor activities. Learning about gathering and storing seeds, wile planning the garden we will plant this spring. We did mulch the garden area and are looking forward to expanding the variety of plants we try for this year. Last year was our first effort, and we all enjoyed participating in the local Farmers Market, so we have high hopes for the garden to come.

We also keep busy caring for the Alpacas that now live in the barn. They have plenty of forage available and a large fenced area to roam around, scratching their coats on the trees. We also have chickens at the Ranch, they have brought joy and great opportunity for our residents to learn about how to care for animals. One resident in particular has a fondness for the chickens, calling them his “ladies” and making sure they have fresh food and water every day. The chickens were young when they arrived, but have grown over the last few months and we are eager for their eggs when the spring arrives.


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