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Our strong philosophical foundation and commitment to excellence is recognizable and significant to the people in our program – on a daily basis. Through competent planning and strong relationships, we provide opportunities for meaningful activity, and a high quality of life rooted in what we share.

All people have something valuable to share.

We establish a safe environment for living and working in a rural community by incorporating specific values into the training of support personnel, and into program development.

These values are:

Integrity – We are dependable and transparent. We follow through on our commitments and ensure dignity for people. We have compassion and honest involvement. We set high standards and strive to achieve the high quality of life each person deserves.

Respect – Covers a broad set of principles; from respect for the land and our heritage while respecting advances in technology and society, respect for what we all share, and respect for individual perspectives and needs.

Community – As a community member we meet with our neighbors, engage in events, attend meetings and are working together to meet more of our mutual needs. We strive to share the commons thoughtfully. We share the efforts and rewards in our community, this ongoing process strengthens relations for everyone.

Individuality – We honor the individual. Relationships are strengthened by listening closely and sharing experiences. Professionally trained staff understand that everyone has different communication and learning styles, making it natural to empower the individual and safe to succeed.

Being creative and talking with people is essential when developing schedules of activities, projects and tasks; all of which include and revolve around the individual participants. Part of honoring an individual is recognizing and respecting the different aspects which each person brings with them into any relationship. Having integrity in those relationships and taking pride in our commitment to excellence builds a stronger community. With a strong and supportive community we are each better equipped to navigate the realities of this world and prosper from our efforts, and from our engagements.

C L E A R    P R O G R A M











CLEAR Program is an integrated approach to supporting people with Developmental Disabilities. We define integrated as enfolding each individual into our program and incorporating all aspects of the program into daily activities while granting full membership in our community.


  ommunity is about being involved with others, sharing one’s time and attention while building relationships. We are included in the rural community, rich with culture, traditions and purposeful activities. Partnership with local businesses and organizations is essential in our inclusive community support program.


   earning Our goal is to enfold people in an environment that is safe for learning and exploring, open to different perspectives and flexible enough to support the needs of each person we serve at Collins Lake Ranch.



   mployment that is meaningful and rewarding for those engaged with our Community Integrated Employment program. We incentivize both the participant and their coach equally in how their team performs on goals they set for themselves. For gardeners, ranchers, crafters and artisans, Collins Lake Ranch is developing micro-enterprises and will act as facilitator to distribute products through various markets to support the individuals working to create their own revenue.


      dvocacy is about empowerment, awareness, and expression. This involves building capacity and confidence through close attention to individuals. Understanding a person’s style and nuances enables more effective communication. Supporting people to do what they want, not doing it for them.


      esidential services are the hub of our programs, providing a fully integrated home life to compliment the variety of other services we offer. Our four bedroom homes maintain respect for the traditional home and family life in northern New Mexico, with a kitchen and living room area for increased interaction.


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