Expanding alternatives for adults with disabilities.

 The mission of Collins Lake Ranch is to provide meaningful opportunities to people with developmental disabilities who desire to participate in a rural mountain community.


To facilitate a high quality of life for everyone involved with Collins Lake Ranch.


We are a non-profit agency in a rural community, providing services through the Developmental Disabilities Waiver and the Mi Via Waiver.

We Offer both Individualized and Integrated Services:

· Residential Supported Living

· Customized Community Supports, Individual & Group

· Community Integrated Employment services

· Community Based Family Living Services

· Community Respite Services


We also offer:

  • A great place to live and learn, to work and play

  • Close to nature, with the comforts of modern facilities

  • Where everyone can enjoy being part of a caring community

  • Our service model is based on personal dignity and compassion

  • We work closely with individuals, support teams (IDTs), and families


Some of our activities and tasks include:

  • Gardening (planting, nurturing, harvesting, etc.)

  • Food preparation (Canning, and preserving, baking, etc.)

  • Property maintenance (trail building, fencing, etc.)

  • Self-sufficiency (knot tying, map reading, etc.)

  • Creating crafts for sale (pottery, woodworking, etc.)

  • Collecting firewood from the property

  • Working at other local ranches and businesses

  • Animal husbandry (feeding, grooming, etc.)


Recreational Opportunities

In addition to running the ranch, we are also involved in many local area activities.

These include:


  • Skiing and sledding

  • Canoeing, fishing and swimming

  • Camping and hiking

  • Nature walks and exploring

  • Crafts of a wide variety


Always catering to the individual’s interests, skills and styles.

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