Collins Lake Ranch

Expanding alternatives for adults with disabilities.


The mission of Collins Lake Ranch is to provide meaningful opportunities to people with developmental disabilities who desire to participate in a rural mountain community.


To facilitate a high quality of life for everyone involved with Collins Lake Ranch.


We are a non-profit agency in a rural community, providing services through the Developmental Disabilities Waiver and the Mi Via Waiver.

We Offer both Individualized and Integrated Services:

· Residential Supported Living,

· Customized Community Supports, Individual & Group

· Community Integrated Employment services,

· Community Based Family Living Services

· Community Respite Services


We also offer:

  • A great place to live and learn, to work and play.
  • Close to nature, with the comforts of modern facilities.
  • Where everyone can enjoy being part of a caring community.
  • Our service model is based on personal dignity and compassion.
  • We work closely with individuals, support teams (IDTs), and families.


Some of our activities and tasks include:

  • Gardening (planting, nurturing, harvesting, etc.)
  • Food preparation (Canning, and preserving, baking, etc.)
  • Property maintenance (trail building, fencing, etc.)
  • Self-sufficiency (knot tying, map reading, etc.)
  • Creating crafts for sale (pottery, woodworking, etc.)
  • Collecting firewood from the property
  • Working at other local ranches and businesses
  • Animal husbandry (feeding, grooming, etc.)


Recreational Opportunities

In addition to running the ranch, we are also involved in many local area activities.

These include:

  • Skiing and sledding
  • Canoeing, fishing and swimming
  • Camping and hiking
  • Nature walks and exploring
  • Crafts of a wide variety


Always catering to the individual’s interests, skills and styles.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi. I have a13 year old child with autism. Thank you for posting on ASDNMore blog. I was wondering if you have family camping, with our child. We don’t leave her, as she is non verbal, and just different. Lol. Can someone contact me by phone to chat? Live in Eapanola, have an opportunity to stay in Las Vegas, if needed, but really looking for summer things to do for our child.




    1. Hi Liz, we welcome visitors to share the beauty of our Ranch. There are many summer activities at the Ranch and in the surrounding Mora valley. Please call to make arrangements or discuss details.
      Thanks for your interest. – Glen C.


  2. enjoyed my visit with getting to know the loyal staff committed to its mission with residents. New facilities are spacious and a brand new commercial kitchen managed by Marcella a real champion whom is working with local value added agriculture producers and processors teaching residents with hands on experience creating sustainable food products that can be sold in creating jobs. A walk around the lake is in order to really breathe in its true beauty.


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